Mémentos - Œuvres de Lakandiwa [Olivares John]

Angellum Chakra

Antiquity’s Revelation

Athena Arboris


Chakra Sahasrara Mandala

Death and the Maiden

Dream Weaver - The Legacy

Dream Weaver - The Web of Life

Frigga, The Winter Star

Lady Coatlaxpeuh

Mandala of Creation’s Invocation

Mandala of the Spear of Peace


Shaitan, The Fallen

Sica Erotica - The Beast Mistress

The Birth of Consciousness - Enlightenment

The Crown - Fauna

The Guardian of the Abyss

The Hanged Man - The Sacrifice for Enlightenment

The Hermit - Enlightenment from the Womb

The Muse

The Occultation of Venus

The Tree of Life - Transcendence

The Union - Wrath and Justice

The Well of Souls

Tree of Life - Awakening

Tree of Life - Renaissance

Tree of Life - The Grounding