Œuvres de Stalkinghyena [Haines Sebastian]

Tarot of the Golden Serpent

0 The Fool

I The Magus

II The High Priestess

III The Empress

IV The Emperor

V The Hierophant

VI The Lovers

VII The Chariot

VIII Strength

IX The Hermit

X The Wheel of Fortune

XI Justice

XII The Hanged Man

XIII Death

XIV Temperance

XVII The Star

XVIII The Moon

XIX The Sun

XX The Last Judgement

XXI The Universe

Zodiac Decan Series

The First Face of Aries

The second Face of Aries

The third Face of Aries

The First Face of Taurus

The Second Face of Taurus

The Third Face of Taurus

The First Face of Gemini

The Second Face of Gemini

The Third Face of Gemini

The First Face of Cancer

The Second Face of Cancer

The Third Face of Cancer

Other works

A Chaos Mage v2

A Conjurer

The beast in wonder


Dee and Kelley

Monas Hieroglyphica

Door 1

The Nolan


Circe’s Toast

Time 2 (Kronos)